Ready. Set. Check.

Pay vendors, suppliers and customers the way they prefer,
with the speed and cost-efficiency of today’s electronic payments.

Hello digital checks. Goodbye costly
& cumbersome paper.

SnapCheck marries the ubiquity of checks with advantages of digital payments. Pay anyone with the familiar form of a check, but without the problems inherent in paper, including printing, postage and lack of visibility. But sending SnapCheck digital checks is just the start. Track payments via our online dashboard. Make one-off payments on the go with our mobile app. Deposit checks with just a click and much more.

Pay Invoices & More

Pay employees and business expenses with the speed and convenience of digital checks. All you need is the payee’s name and an amount. Attach an invoice or memo if you’d like.

Send Checks Instantly

Send highly-secure, digital checks instantly via email, Skype, Dropbox or any other online sharing method. Skip the check printing, the envelopes and the postage and pocket the savings.

Streamline Payments
& Operations

Track payments online via the SnapCheck dashboard. Make payments on the go using our mobile app.

Why SnapCheck is your business payments solution.

Did you know 97% of businesses still use paper checks? It’s an expensive habit, costing between $15 and $25 per check payment.† SnapCheck virtually eliminates all the costs associated with paper checks, helping you achieve at least 70% cost savings, while eliminating more than 90% of check fraud scenarios.

• Protected by FinTrust™ Security
• Make instant payments & deposits
• Mobile app for on-the-go payments
• Online dashboard for tracking, bulk payments
• Provide information-rich payment

† According to Scotiabank’s Cheque Cost Issurance Model

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