Our Mission

SnapCheck is a high speed, highly secure, and universally accepted solution dedicated to eliminating paper checks. By eliminating the 18 billion checks written in the US each year, one million trees could be spared. We've created a unique open-ecosystem platform for paying anyone anywhere with the familiar form of a check, but without all the problems inherent in paper. Our digital checking solution gives businesses, consumers, and banks the ability to save over $50 billion a year in costs and $20 billion a year in fraud losses.

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We're located in the heart of the new FinTech ecosystem, San Francisco, CA. If you're in the area, we'd welcome the opportunity to meet and learn more about your business payments needs. Contact us to learn more about SnapCheck and how it can save your business 70% of your current payments costs. We'll help you start eliminating paper checks.

Our email address is info@goSnapCheck.com