SnapCheck is a high speed, highly secure, and universally accepted solution dedicated to eliminating paper checks. SnapCheck’s financial service platform enables consumers, businesses, and partners to digitize payments by creating paperless checks. A SnapCheck can be written and sent instantly and works just like a papercheck when depositing it at an ATM, with a teller, or by an institution’s mobile app.

Get the SnapCheck Personal App for Android here.

Get the SnapCheck Personal App for iPhone here.

Get the SnapCheck Business App for Android here.

Creating an account with SnapCheck is easy and only requires having a valid personal or business checking account with a U.S. financial institution.

SnapCheck will gather your

  • Name or Business Name
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Address
  • Bank name
  • Bank online login credentials
  • Account number, and
  • Electronic signature

Yes. SnapCheck takes the safety of your personal information very seriously. The FinTrust™ Secure features use industry-leading technology and strong cryptography to keep your private information safe. For more information on how your information is used or shared, see our Privacy Policy.

Depositing a SnapCheck is easy. It can be deposited or cashed just like a paper check. Print the SnapCheck to deposit it using your financial institution’s mobile app via remote check deposit or with a teller or ATM.

The SnapCheck mobile app lets you view your complete transaction history. Copies of SnapChecks you've written are only a click away. In addition SnapCheck lets you decide the check number for ease of tracking with your existing paper checkbook.

Yes. SnapCheck allows you to link multiple checking accounts to your SnapCheck account; therefore, you are in better control of your finances and can write digital checks from any account all within the SnapCheck app.

If you have questions regarding the status of your account, or questions regarding partnering with SnapCheck please contact us at clientservices@gosnapcheck.com.